I recently watched Awakenings, an-star cast movie based on a true story about patients with sleepy sickness, a paralytic disease where the victim falls in a sudden, “brain-dead” trance and may never awaken. Sadly,  little research has been done in this area though 20,000 people died when the epidemic swept through the world just after the Great War.
It dumbfounded me today thinking about Christ. Often,  the visible church is harsh to those with physical/mental handicaps,  but to look at Jesus’s ministry from a very superficial level,  it is clear he spent almost all of his ministry in the outcast! The sick especially. One was a paralytic of 38-years. 
Please,  please read this great collection of Bible verses about special needs.  http://www.openbible.info/topics/disabled_people


Lord I believe!

I recall reading Mark 9 years ago in my bed late in the night. When verse 24 came along, my heart froze and tears came rushing down my face. It was just the words my soul longed to moan to my Heavenly Father,  inscribed in an old book. “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!”

I still can’t describe the feelings inside my confused carcass that so perfectly describe my utter helplessness when I come running to my Savior’s arm. I want to obey and understand, but so much hinders me. I believe!  But help my unbelief! 

It’s the honest truth He can’t help but hear. He is gentle,  kind,  and compassionate.

He gives me belief and helps my unbelief.