Hymn: My Jesus

My Jesus I love Thee I known I am Thine,

You loved Me before I ever called You mine

My gracious Redeemer, My Savior art Thou,

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus tis now.

You loved me in life, You have loved me in death,

You love me as long as Thou givest me breath,

And when death’s dew runs coldly down my brow,

My Jesus, You love me, forever is Thy vow

My sins, oh the wretchedness, I fully despise,

Takes over my soul, plots my loved ones’ demise

Oh save me from hurting You, My Savior, My crown,

If ever You loved me, sanctify me now.

You know how I sin, You know my regret.

Now fill me with You, My Savior, I beg

You saved me, You love Me,

You died for me, You rose again,

You’ve always loved me, My helper, My friend.

With this Lord, concludes my prayer song to Thee,

Now from life’s cruel chains, Lord,

Oh settest me free

My Lord, cause me at Your feet to bow,

Lord cause me to love Thee as You lovest me now.

(Based off the tune to My Jesus I Love Thee. Some lyrics are from the original hymn, most are created for this blog.)


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