Lead Me To Jesus

When my soul is overwhelmed within me, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.

For You have been my shelter, and You hear my voice.


Read Psalm 50

Note to self: Read Psalm 50 frequently. It is comforting,  beautiful, convicting, and 100% accurate…

“Call upon Me in the days of trouble, and I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me,” he says in vs. 15.

He speaks of sacrifices, His power, His mercy. How he knows all the birds of the mountains and every wild beasts. He tells us what praise is. It is wonderful.

Again, I have failed. The guilt is so heavy, Lord. I have broken your Sabbath in so many ways! How can I stand in Your presence and ask You anything? Looking at your answer when Moses offered up himself as a sacrifice for the people is chilling at first. But then
you said no because Christ is the perfect sacrifice. I come to your throne of grace, even boldly, even though perhaps not boldly at the moment, knowing that you will forgive! You hear. You hear my Mediator, Jesus Christ, Who took my punishment for me. In Him I have hope. In Him is eternal joy. Forgiveness. Peace. For YOU are merciful, gracious, longsuffering, abounding in goodness and truth, forgiving iniquity transgressions, and sins, but by no means clearing the guilty. And He paid it all because He is the perfect sacrifice. And Your Spirit in sanctifying me. So Lord, I humbly ask, not in what I have done, but in who You are and what You have chosen to do, and all You have promised, please forgive me. Please count it “as if I never sinned” and keep me from temptation! Lord, I pray, “As I forgive my debtors, forgive me,” and I think I have but if not please open my eyes and teach me to forgive my debtors. Lord, I am always thinking and saying things j oughtn’t, please forgive me! And keep me on the narrow road!  I don’t deserve it, but You have shown mercy. And You have promised to forgive me. So please turn me towards you. Cause me to flee from sin so that the tempter will flee from me. Only for the sake of Your Son, Jesus Christ. A-men.

Dear Lord,

I have planned all week to pray an hour straight with you today. And yet here I am again at your throne, failing. Breaking a promise. Lord, you never break your promises. Every time it rains you send a rainbow. Everyone I ask according to your will, you hear me. Lord, I am torn between staying up one hour and being tired on Your day tomorrow (and quite frankly just not getting much sleep….selfish) and praying just a little longer. It seems late but it is not yet midnight. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Yet is the spirit even willing? You said through your servant Paul that the Spirit groans with groaning that cannot be uttered. Lord, if this is true, which it is because You are honest and faithful, please keep me praying. It has been a rough week.  But it is my fault. I brought my sin into the world. Thank You so much for not smiting me down. Lord, there is so much to thank You for. Thank you for helping me get through today. For having a roof over my head, for keeping me alive and not only that,  but helping me through my studies. Lord, I ask that You help me with my studies and tests so that I may glorify Your name. You have said that I am not to do any work on Your holy day, Sunday. You Yourself abstained from work for a day of rest. Lord please remember me when I take this test; how my Sunday was spent worshipping You. And Lord please keep my thoughts pure tomorrow so I can pray this in honest. Lord, my eyes are about to droop shut, but I know if I turn off the lights and close them I may stop praying. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to break a promise. I want to be with You.

Lord please give me humility. I walk around many times thinking of myself. Thinking what a *cool* personality I have (which I’m pretty sure I don’t, or at least, not really as awesome as I make pretend) or how I *think* I connect with certain people intellectually that You put in my life, all the while making a fool of myself because I’m not trusting in You. Which technically makes me a fool, according to Your word. Lord I am so tired. Physically. Even mentally. I don’t want to think about me, please get me to think about You.

Please be with our Pastor as he preaches tomorrow. Please help him to guide us through the fields of Your word. To fill us with the meat of Your pasture, with the fruit of Your hand. To delve in the scripture with us and care from us. And keep us from the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Please be with his family, and give them guidance, patience, and renew then with Your refreshing word. Please be with us, a small congregation of Your large church body. Help us to hear Your word preached with Your Spirit. Please help us to understand and do. Please fight for us against the weaknesses and temptations of the flesh and we hear your word and fellowship with the saints.

Lord my worry about posting this is being a white-washed tomb. I know many will not read this but some may. Am I any better than the Pharisees when I pray this publicly? But Lord please help me not to be doing this for show. Please help this to be done with not saints, not to impress the saints. FOR YOU. Lord, why to You delight in the prayers of your children? I’m thinking of Jacob who wrestled with You all night. How did You keep Him strong? How have you kept me praying for about 30 min or so now? Your Spirit is not only willing, it is strong. It is able.

Lord please me with my loved ones. Help them to see that all things work together for those who love God. That You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. 1000 years are but one day in your sight. You are Yaweh, the covenant God. Please be with their/our relationships with each other and encourage them in You. Thanks you for all that You have given and done for us already.

Lord there is but one more minute before I go to sleep officially, though Lord willing You will keep me praying. Lord You are a gracious God, full of mercy, love, and compassion. When I am overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.

Lord, glorious is Your sanctuary set on high because You are in within.

Please keep my words free of  righteous phrases jumbled around to fill time.

Please hear my prayer. Not through anything I’ve done, but what Christ did for me, in my place His dying on the cross, Lord. For me. Be sure of my sins. You send your Son and Jesus went willingly. Blessed be the name of the Lord! Thank you so much and please help me now to glorify you now in Spirit and in truth. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray, amen.

Tonnight’s Prayer: Psalm 123

Prayer for Relief from Contempt
A Song of Ascents.
Unto You I lift up my eyes,
O You who dwell in the heavens.
2Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters,
As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress,
So our eyes look to the Lord our God,
Until He has mercy on us.
3Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us!
For we are exceedingly filled with contempt.
4Our soul is exceedingly filled
With the scorn of those who are at ease,
With the contempt of the proud.

Darkness in Lascaux // Light in Christ

Shuddering inside at the old idols and cave paintings from old that almost unanimously point to disgusting idolatries. Someone asked, “Why would you go to the mouth of the cave?” In the study of cultist rituals in the history of mankind, caves are preferred to hide sin.
18 “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.21 But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”
John 3